Microcontroller projects

Tips and tricks for Teensy, Wemos and Lolin Boards

last updated: 2023-10-25

Arduino tips and tricks

Tips and tricks for the Arduino IDE

Arduino code snippets

Arduino C/C++ code snippet that I use quite often and that can simplify life :)

Teensy tips and tricks

Tips and tricks for Teensy® USB Development Boards.

ESP8266 tips and tricks

Tips and tricks for Wemos D1 mini and Wemos D1 mini pro.

ESP32 tips and tricks

Tips and tricks for Lolin32, Lolin32 pro and Lolin32 lite.

ESP NTP tips and tricks

It's easy to use NTP (Network Time Protocol) time server with the ESP's.

Watchdog tips and tricks (+ watchdog reset counter)

Feed the dog and use a watchdog reset counter...

ATmega328 low power and sleep tips and tricks

Using an ATmega328P(B) Arduino chip with battery and LoRa for a long time.

Audio tips and tricks

From WAV or MP3 to C: Tips and tricks for playing audio files on microcontroller (C/C++).

Hardware tips and tricks

Logic_level shifter tips and tricks

Simple logic-level shifter can get unreliable over 100 kHz! What to change and alternatives in this section.

TRIAC tips and tricks

TRIACs are needed to regulate power. Refresh your knowledge about TRIACS.

Tips and tricks for Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone black

Raspi tips and tricks

BBB tips and tricks

Beaglebone black device tree