Other projects

last updated: 2024-03-11

I can't guaranty a faultless project, so using the information is at one's own risk.


cnc I bought a new toy :). A STEPCRAFT-2/D.840 construction kit to built a CNC milling machine. After a successful assembly of the mechanical parts I wanted to connect the GRBL MaXYposi board with the stepper driver board included with the kit. My struggling with this can be found here: GRBLing STEPCRAFT. The next step was the milling process. My succeeding with bCNC, Incscape and FreeCAD are other chapters of this topic.

GRBLing a Stepcraft milling machine
Calculating the feed rates
Milling with bCNC
Plotting, lasering, and milling with Inkscape

3D Printing

Christmas 2013 I got a Felix 3.0 dual DIY Kit from felixprinters. I'm very happy with this printer (upgraded to Felix 3.1, 4.0, 4.1, 4.1 duet3 ) because it produces accurate results. We also use three Felix 3.0 (upgraded to 4.1) in our Creative Lab in school. Simplify3D is my preferred software for 3D printing.

Pimping up the Felix 4.1 with a Duet3d motherboard
New Felix 3 with spare parts and a Duet3d motherboard
Printing more colours with one extruder
Octoprint on Raspberry Pi for Felixprinters
3D Printing

Python coding

PYthon Simple HomePage CREATOR My first bigger Python project was a program to generate this website without JavaScript or PHP. Python is a really cool programming language and especially with modules like NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib or OpenCV. So here I will document some of my Python projects.

PYthon Simple HomePage CREATOR
Ping The Thing
OpenCV basics
Read an analogue gauge with OpenCV
Drawing with matplotlib
Weather station data (ecowitt) to MQTT


FreeCAD is a cool software, to draw 3D objects. I use it for 3D printing and started also with the architecture workbench. Here I will document what I've learned.

FreeCAD Macro to create a 3d printable case with snap-on lid
FreeCAD Macro to draw stairs from a spreadsheet
FreeCAD stair macro

Nissan Leaf

first Leaf My first Nissan Leaf (2/2012) was one of the first electric cars in Luxembourg. It made over 100000 km in 10 years and I had no problems, and no costs with this car. In 2014 I build a logger for the Leaf. My second Leaf from 2018 runs also with no major problems. I had only an issue after 6 years with the cable lock, and you will find the hack for this problem here.

Leaf cable lock hack
LeafCANlog : "Logging Nissan Leaf"

Baking SMD

I love baking bread. Here are my first results with the reflow oven PUHUI T-962A. Finally lead-free soldering without stress :). Baking SMD

Silence your oscilloscope

new osci fan My oscilloscope Rigol DS2072A makes a lot of noise. This is annoying, especially when trying to develop a noise meter ;).

A quick measurement gives me 50 dBA at the side where the fan sits. So I decided to replace the fan with a new one from Noctua. The result is still audible, but I could reduce the noise to 43-44 dBA.