last updated: 2022-12-23

I can't guaranty a faultless project, so using the information is at one's own risk.


FreeCAD is a cool software, to draw 3D objects. I use it for 3D printing and started also with the architecture workbench.

Scripting can be done with Python, and I will document here what I've learned.

FreeCAD Macro to draw stairs from a spreadsheet

I wanted to draw stairs for a house, an found the Macro Half turn stairs from Berner. It did not work as expected with FreeCAD version 0.20, and so I tried to understand the macro and reprogrammed it.
Fortunately FreeCAD macros use python and so this was not so hard. I wanted to use the Spreadsheet workbench from FreeCAD.
The Macro can draw stairs from a given floor height going up or down with a flooring if needed. If the stairs go up, we can even add a flooring overhang.I
FreeCAD stair macro