Nissan Leaf

last updated: 2024-04-24

I can't guaranty a faultless project, so using the information is at one's own risk.


My first Nissan Leaf (2/2012) was one of the first electric cars in Luxembourg. It made over 100000 km in 10 years and I had no problems, and no costs with this car. After 10 years the battery still had 70 % of it's capacity. With the subsidy from the government and by using my own solar energy, the cost of the Leaf over 10 years was less than the cost for a conventional car. In 2014 I build a logger for the Leaf.

My second Leaf from 2018 runs also with no major problems. I had only an issue after 6 years with the cable lock, and you will find the hack for this problem here.

Leaf cable lock hack

LeafCANlog A gear inside of the Nissan Leaf cable lock device broke. The lock device made an awful sound, so I disconnected the device. A new device would cost over 500 €, and so I decided to find another solution.

Leaf CAN logger

LeafCANlog is a CAN bus (OBD2) logger and display for the EV Nissan Leaf. It's build around an AT90CAN128 and uses a VDrive2 (FTDI) to log on USB-Sticks. LeafCANlog