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LeafCANlog : "Logging Nissan Leaf"

last updated: 2014

Short description

LeafCANlog is a CAN bus (OBD2) logger and display for the EV Nissan Leaf. It's build around an AT90CAN128 and uses a VDrive2 (FTDI) to log on USB-Sticks. The starting point was the project LeafCAN from lincomatic. More info on lincomatic's blog or on the Nissan Leaf forum. His software can be found on github. New on the circuit is a Real Time Clock (DS1307, I2C) and the Vdrive2 (EIA232). The display of the original project is replaced by a 4*20 OLED Display (more info, better readable). A special housing can be printed on a 3d printer (thingiverse).

LeafCANlog_front LeafCANlog_front LeafCANlog_front LeafCANlog_back LeafCANlog_right




The Arduino CAN library from github is needed. The first line of the display shows SOC in percent an the remaining minimum and maximum distance in winter and summer for Luxemburg (consumption 16-24kWh/100km). The second line shows the remaining energy in kWh and the remaining GIDs in percent and absolute(What is a Gid?). The other two lines show voltage current, power, date and time. The logging is done once per second. Voltage and current are updated about 100 times per second on the CAN bus. The sum and number of updates are also logged to calculate a mean value if needed.