Date News
03/05/2024 Growing station (microcontroller)
23/04/2024 FreeCAD Macro to create a simple 3d printable box (other projects)
20/04/2024 Nissan Leaf Cable lock hack (other projects)
20/02/2024 LoRa P2P with sub pages (microcontroller)
01/01/2024 new PV data (energy)
04/11/2023 Waste Bin reminder (microcontroller)
25/10/2023 Get NTP time and set RTC on Teensy 4.1 with Ethernet (microcontroller)
25/07/2023 PiAClock (sb-computer)
18/07/2023 Silence your osci (DS2072A) (other projects)
04/07/2023 Noise and Temperature Meter (microcontroller)
09/05/2023 Raspberry Pi Internet Radio: PiPyRadio (sb-computer)
27/03/2023 EPROM programmer for 27C512 (microcontroller)
01/01/2023 new PV data (energy)
09/12/2022 FreeCAD macro: Stairs from a spreadsheet (other projects)
09/12/2022 NUM lock indicator (microcontroller)
20/11/2022 Revised chapter openHAB (tutorials)
20/11/2022 How to use Docker and Docker compose (sb-computer)
19/11/2022 New SmartyReader PCBs with W5500 Ethernet (microcontroller)
07/09/2022 Monitor with 4 OLED displays to view data from the Energy Storage System: mqtt_oled_mon (microcontroller)
08/07/2022 ESP Toolbox (microcontroller)
06/06/2022 New software version for the SmartyReader v1.6_beta (microcontroller)
23/05/2022 New software version for garden_watering v1.1 (microcontroller)
08/02/2022 Building Felix 3 from spare parts with 32 bit, higher voltage and better stepper driver (other projects -> 3d_printing)
21/01/2022 Ping the Thing
30/10/2021 DDS with microcontroller
29/08/2021 TRIAC tips and tricks
13/07/2021 Fitness Timer
05/07/2021 NeoPixel clock 2
04/07/2021 Logic-level shifter tips and tricks (microcontroller -> tips_tricks)
17/06/2021 Garden watering with ESP8266 (microcontroller)
16/05/2021 ESP NTP tips and tricks (microcontroller)
03/05/2021 New hard- and software for the SmartyReader (microcontroller)
12/04/2021 Pico_HAT to connect your Raspi with the Pico through I²C (microcontroller)
16/03/2021 Ecovitt weather-station data 2 MQTT (other projects -> python coding)
06/03/2021 Reverse engineering with Ghidra (microcontroller)
06/03/2021 STM32 with the STM32CubeIDE (microcontroller)
18/02/2021 Hacking an SA1200p CO2 device (microcontroller)
12/01/2021 Drawing with matplotlib (other projects -> python coding)
03/01/2021 Updated PV data (energy)
29/12/2020 The not completely useless box (microcontroller)
21/12/2020 Arduino code snippets (microcontroller -> tips_tricks)
06/12/2020 OpenCV basics (other projects -> python coding)
06/12/2020 Read an analogue gauge with OpenCV (other projects -> python coding)
21/11/2020 "Updated" Pyshcreator: PYthon Simple HomePage CREATOR (other projects -> python coding)
20/09/2020 Pimping up the Felix 4.1 with 32 bit, higher voltage and better stepper driver (other projects -> 3d_printing)
08/06/2020 "Updated" Single board home server with openHAB and MQTT (sb-computer)
02/06/2020 "Updated" Pitoucon (sb-computer)
01/06/2020 Piventi MVHR with Raspi and Teensy (sb-computer)
25/05/2020 MQTT in openHAB2 (chapter openhab (sensor2bus) in tutorials)
21/04/2020 Printing more colours with one extruder (other projects -> 3d_printing)
14/04/2020 LoRa sender (running on batteries) (lora in microcontroller)
07/04/2020 Using a CNC milling machine (GRBL, Stepcraft, bCNC) (other projects -> cnc)
01/04/2020 Non breaking delays in Arduino tips and tricks (microcontroller)
24/03/2020 Sleep tips and tricks (microcontroller -> tips_tricks)
04/01/2020 Watchdog tips and tricks (microcontroller -> tips_tricks)
01/10/2019 New tutorial "Sensors, interfaces and bus systems (sensor2bus in tutorials)
05/09/2019 ESP programmer (microcontroller)
08/07/2019 SmartyReader with ESP32 (microcontroller)
18/03/2019 Convert your mices2 board to arduino (microcontroller)
20/02/2019 Tutorial "Microcontroller Systems" (tutorials)
03/02/2019 Octoprint on Raspberry Pi for Felixprinters (otherprojects -> 3dprinting)
24/12/2018 Neopixel Pixar lamp (microcontroller)
24/09/2018 Tutorial "Electronics fundamentals" (tutorials)
23/09/2018 Arduino display library for nt7534/ssd1322 with i2c (microcontroller)
13/09/2018 Simple Midi monitor (music)
25/07/2018 Assembly instructions for our creative-lab space mining rover in german and english (microcontroller)
22/06/2018 Baking SMD with PUHUI T-962A reflow oven (otherprojects -> bakingsmd)
27/04/2018 Building a fine dust sensor with ESP8266 (microcontroller)
28/03/2018 Oscilloscope clock with ESP32/Lolin32 (microcontroller)
29/01/2018 Single board home server with openHAB 2 and MQTT (sb-computer)
18/12/2017 MIDI Over the air (music)
17/12/2017 Oscilloscope clock with Teensy 3.6 (microcontroller)
09/10/2017 AVR Assembler tutorial: complete update (tutorials)
16/08/2017 SmartyReader: Reading Luxemburgish Smartmeter Port P1 (microcontroller)
22/04/2017 Creative-Lab IoT board (microcontroller)
17/03/2017 Teensy tips and tricks (microcontroller)
03/03/2017 Raspi tips and tricks (sb-computer)
25/10/2016 BeagleBone tips and tricks and BeagleBone device tree (sb-computer)
07/08/2016 Rasipfon the Raspi SIP phone (sb-computer)
07/08/2016 New Homepage created with pyshpcreator:) (other_projects)
25/06/2016 Arduino display library for nt7534 in parallel mode (microcontroller)
28/10/2015 The RASPI buffer board (sb-computer)
28/08/2015 Efficient alarm clock with low electromagnetic radiation, big display and music player (microcontroller)
15/04/2015 RT soldering station with active soldering tips from Weller (microcontroller)
14/04/2015 The Python and Raspi training course (in german) Dateioperationen, Schnittstellen, HTML/CSS, Webserver (tutorials)
13/09/2014 Python and Raspi Kursus (german) Erstes Kapitel: Tkinter GUI (tutorials)
07/08/2014 Kyub hacks: MIDI and power over MIDI for the Kyub ( (microcontroller)
26/05/2014 LeafCANlog: CAN bus logger dor the Nissan Leaf (in english) (microcontroller)
07/04/2014 Teensylogger Python Software (microcontroller)
26/03/2014 Teensylogger neue Firmware und Hardware Version (microcontroller)
07/01/2014 7 x serial on the BeagleBone (in english) (sb-computer)
10/09/2013 Überarbeitete USB-Bibliothek (HID, VENDOR, vereinfachte Anwendung, Maus, Tastatur, mehr Controller, ...) (microcontroller)
06/08/2013 Teensylogger Neue Software (microcontroller)
10/07/2013 Neue Grafik mit tagesaktuellen Solardaten (energy)
14/02/2013 USB-HID-Bibliothek für den Teensy 2.0 (microcontroller)
12/02/2013 HID-Version ohne Treiber für die mobile CO2-Messstation (microcontroller)
18/01/2013 Verbesserte Version MODUL B (tutorials)
16/01/2013 Verbesserte Version MODUL A (tutorials)
08/01/2013 Neue PV-Daten (energy)
26/12/2012 Modul C: Kapitel zum I2C-Bus online (tutorials)
30/08/2012 Teensylogger: loggt bis zu 8 S0 Schnittstellen! (microcontroller)
18/06/2012 Neue PV-Daten (energy)
04/06/2012 USBammeter: misst Spannung, Strom und Leistung am USB Port (microcontroller)
17/01/2012 Anhang F: neue Version mit MICES2 (tutorials)
16/01/2012 Neue PV-Daten (E); neue Seite zum Programmieradapter (microcontroller)
12/10/2011 Neue Energiedaten für Luxemburg (energy)
12/09/2011 Low-Cost Experimentierplatine MICES2!! für den Mikrocontrollerkurs (microcontroller)
12/09/2011 Neue Prüfungsfragen (school), Update der PV-Daten (energy)
27/03/2011 Neues Projekte unter B!! Hier kommt die Maus!! (HID mit dem AT90USBKEY)
15/01/2011 MODUL C C0 Wiederholung (Soft-UART) online
18/12/2010 MODUL C C1 A/D und D/A-Wandler online
13/09/2010 Neue Projekte unter B!! USB mit TEENSY 2.0 und CO22 "the mobile measurement station"!!
02/07/2010 Neue Version der Homepage online
12/01/2010 Kleine USB-Bibliothek für ATMEL-USB-AVRs (AT90USBKEY)
12/01/2010 Verbesserte Versionen MODUL A, MODUL B und ANHANG F
10/01/2010 Geänderter und verbesserter ANHANG F
05/01/2010 Gesamtes MODUL B online! und neue Version MODUL A
24/10/2009 MODUL C C4 SPI Schnittstelle online!
17/09/2009 Anleitung zur Projektarbeit 13 Klasse
04/09/2009 Neue Anleitung für den Programmieradapter
01/04/2009 MODUL C C2 Timer Verbesserte Version
05/03/2009 MODUL C C2 Timer
23/10/2008 MODUL B B1 und B2 verbesserte und erweiterte Version
02/10/2008 MODUL B B0 verbesserte und erweiterte Version
14/09/2008 MODUL B B0 und B1 verbesserte und erweiterte Versionen
12/08/2008 MODUL A verbesserte und erweiterte Version (bessere Grafik, Befehlskästen etc.)
07/04/2008 MODUL A verbesserte Version
23/02/2008 B5 Serielle Schnittstelle verbesserte Version
08/02/2008 Anhang F: neue Version (+2 Seiten, Assembleranweisungen, Pinbelegung andere Gehäuseformen) Ergänzungsblätter wurden ebenfalls erweitert (+neues Inhaltsverzeichnis)
04/02/2008 Anhang F: neue Version (+26 Seiten, SF-Register, Interrupttabelle, Schaltpläne) Ergänzungsblätter für Besitzer der alten Version vom Anhang MODUL B B5 Serielle Schnittstelle verbesserte Version (hochauflösendere Grafik)
24/01/2008 MODUL B B5 Serielle Schnittstelle online
2007 Erste Online-Version des Mikrocontroller-Kurses (MODUL A und MODUL B)
2006 Inbetriebnahme der Homepage um Schüler mit alten Abiturfragen zu versorgen