Silence your Rigol DS2072A oscilloscope

last updated: 2023-07-23


My oscilloscope Rigol DS2072A makes a lot of noise. This is annoying, especially when trying to develop a noise meter ;).

A quick measurement gives me 50 dBA at the side where the fan sits. So I decided to replace the fan with a new one from Noctua. The result is still audible, but I could reduce the noise to 43-44 dBA.


First we have to open the case. We get 2 torx screws behind the handle and 2 at the bottom. After removing this 4 screws we can lift the plastic cover. Next we have to remove 8 torx screws. 4 at each side, visible here at the bottom of the picture.


We must also remove the nut from the BNC connector at the left, to lift the metal casing. Inside we see that there is plenty of space to replace the old fan with a new one, that is even thicker.

fan old 1   fan old 2

On the side of the power supply we see the fan connector.

fan connector

We will use a Noctua fan NF-A6x25 FLX (3-pin, 60x60 mm). The fan is fixed to the case with the included anti-vibration mounts. We can use the extension cable and the cable of the old fan to solder a new cable. Only the black (-) and red (+) cables are needed.

fan new 1

fan new 2