3D printing

last updated: 2022-02-08

Creating with Felixprinters

Pimping up the Felix 4.1 with 32 bit, higher voltage and better stepper driver

I had problems accepting the long heating up times and the poor possibilities for manual interaction with the new Felix 4.1 firmware. So I tried to change this with a new duet3 motherboard.

New Felix 3 with spare parts and a Duet3d motherboard

I had so many spare parts from my old Felix 3. So I built a second printer with also higher voltage and the cool duet3 motherboard.

Printing more colours with one extruder

I have a dual extruder printer, but if I want to print e.g. 2 colors in different heights I don't use this feature, because it needs more plastic, and often soils the print with plastic trickling from the second extruder.

With Simplify3D it's easy to create different settings for different regions of a model. For a 2 colour print with the colours white and red we create two processes and with this two g-code files. After the first print (1. process) is ready we can change manually the filament, and continue with the second print (2. process).

Octoprint on Raspberry Pi for Felixprinters

We have 9 felixprinters at our school (9 x TEC 4.1). Often we forget to cut them from the power over weekend. We wanted a solution with a better manual interface, a camera to watch the print remotely and the possibility to switch them off remotely. Fortunately there is octoprint and octopi.