Arduino library for SSD1322 (parallel mode) over I2C

last updated: 28/09/18

OLED display NHD-2.7-12864WDW3

OLED displays are getting cheaper. They need less power, are brighter and have a greater temperature range then LCDs. At I found an 128x64 monochrome display from Newhaven with 2.7' to possibly replace the GTK-281.

The display can be used in parallel mode or over SPI. As I needed I2C I modified the parallel to I2C board from the GTK281 PCB to use it for the new display.

The diplay is working like a charm, but it is quite slow.

I2C Board

The board was designed in Kicad. The schematic is already changed, but the PCB has still to be modified in Kicad.

SSD1322 I2C circuit

I used the parallel to I2C board from the GTK281 PCB with the following changes:

SSD I2C boardSSD I2C board back

Arduino library

To install the library download, and click in Arduino IDE Sketch > Include Library > Add .ZIP Library....

The library has two examples, the second to set and test the onboard RTC.