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Hi, my name is Guy Weiler.
On this site you will find open-source tutorials and projects around electronics, microcontroller (esp, avr, pico) and single-board computer (raspi) mainly in Arduino (C,C++) and Python.
To see all topics, use the sitemap, and for new projects use news.


Electronics tutorial (english):
Tutorial for the BTS-IoT
Microelectronics tutorial (english):
Tutorial for the BTS-IoT
Interface & bus tutorial (english):
Tutorial for the BTS-IoT
AVR Assembler tutorial (german, pdf):
Complete tutorial (412 pages)
Python tutorial (german):
Tkinter, raspi interface and webserver


LoRa peer to peer
Sender, Repeater, Gateway
Python coding:
OpenCV basics: Manipulating images
DDS with microcontroller
Arduino Uno, Teensy 4.0
Python coding:
Drawing with matplotlib
Tips and Tricks for:
Teensy, ESP8266, ESP32, raspi, bbb...


SmartyReader (P1, LED, WiFi, ETH):
Reading Luxemburgish Smartmeters
ESP Toolbox:
code quick and short ;)
Growing station:
Control LED light and fan
FreeCAD Macro
3d printable case with snap-on lid
Nissan Leaf: Simple hack
for a broken cable lock device
Waste bin reminder
don't forget it!
PiAClock: Analog clock
on a 64x64 RGB-LED matrix
Noctua fan control:
silence your inverter
Noise and Temp. Meter:
get data over MQTT
Silence your osci
Rigol DS2072A
Refurbish your old Radio
EPROM Programmer
Standalone for 27C512
FreeCAD Macro
Stairs from a spreadsheet
NUM or CAPS lock
indicator with Teensy 2.0
MQTT monitor
using 4 OLED displays
New enhanced Felix 3 printer:
from spare parts with Duet3 mb
Python coding: Ping The Thing
Check if your devices are up
Fitness Timer
"Gymnastics to the urn"
NeoPixel ring NTP clock
"at the eleventh hour"
Garden watering
Activate valves with MQTT (WiFi)
Marry your Raspi with your Pico
Bare metal reverse engineering
using Ghidra
Get data from a weather station
(ecowitt) and send it to MQTT
Python coding: Pyshpcreator:
PYthon Simple HomePage CREATOR
Hacking an SA1200p CO2 device:
Make it smarter!
The not completely useless box:
Recycle your old pets :)
Pimping my Felix 3D printer:
32 bit (Duet3) and higher voltage
Python coding: using OpenCV:
Read dials on an analogue gauge
Creative-lab space minimg rover:
Snyder 1 (enlish + german)
Incscape and FreeCAD
3D printed neopixel stripe clock
with NTP and sound
3D printed Pixar lamp
with neopixel rings
ESP32 and ESP8266 programmer
fore bare chips
First (and last) steps with STM32
using STM32CubeIDE
Octoprint on Raspberry Pi for Felixprinters
Baking SMD:
Using reflow oven PUHUI T-962A
Measuring fine dust:
Building a particulate matter sensor
Oscilloscope clock
with internet time (Teensy or ESP32)
Raspi touch panel with Kivy and MQTT
MVHR with Raspi, Teensy and MQTT
Single board home server:
Debian, openHAB 2, MQTT
MQTT over Wifi:
Creative-Lab IoT-board
Creative Lab RT soldering station
Efficient alarm clock:
low radiation, big display, music player
Small USB library:
in Assembler, Bascom and C
AVR experiments board
MICES2 2 Arduino:
AVR Arduino experiments board
MIDI Over The Air:
MIDI wireless with XBEE
Short circuit resistant buffer board (raspi)
Rotary dial phone with raspberry pi
Arduino libraries for GTK-281 display 128x64
(NT7534 parallel or i2c)
Arduino library for OLED display 128x64
the mobile measurement station
CAN bus display for EV Nissan Leaf
Logging up to 8 S0 interfaces
Kyub hacks:
i.a. MIDI interface for Kyub
Simple Midi monitor
with Teensy and OLED display
Voltage, vurrent and power on USB
Arduino cellphone
7x serial on beaglebone:
Logging data with python
AVR ISP mk2:
compatible pogrammer with Teensy
with felixprinters

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