Laser Cutter and Engraver

last updated: 2023-12-10



I tried some laser engraving and cutting with a simple arduino based laser engraver in 2016 with a 2W and later 5W semiconductor (diode) laser. This year (2023) I saw that there exist diode laser with 40W! and so I bought an S1 from xTtool( I will document here my problems and solutions and my workflow.

xTool S1

The documentation is really good and there are no bigger problenms to get everything running.

When you process with xTool S1, issues may occur. For example, the machine stops mid-job and sounds an alarm. You need to provide the Gcode file and the log on the TF card to help us troubleshoot. This article will show you how to do it. Please include them when you email tech support via

The Gcode file tells the machine how to frame and process. The XCS software generates the Gcode file and sends it to the TF card, and the machine will follow its instructions. Note: You can find logs and export Gcode files from XCS, but they don't work in the same way as those on the TF card. The log file on XCS contains the execution info for the machine to run, while the one on the TF card records the actual movement history.


There is a cool software named xTool Creative Space or XCS from xTtool. I helps with e.g.:

But it does not exist for Linux. There is only an Android Version, and naturally Windows and Apple versions. A clear drawback is that I had to use a Windows version to activate the possibility to access WiFi. This is explained here.

It was also not possible to set a static IP, so I needed to avtivate Always assign this network device the same IPv4 address in my FRITZ!Box router.


sudo adduser $USER dialout && sudo adduser $USER tty sudo reboot download the .run Linux 64bit version, make it executable and run it

create udev rule vendor 28e9 018a ? ttyACM0 uninstall modemmanager??

Under Laser click on devices and import the xTOOL_S1_V2.lbdev file. working area too big so use file from Clack Shack

Did not work correctly by moving around I got all the time busy at 97% in Lightburn and nothing happend after this. The cause was the passive USB Hub. Without Hub it worked!