Single board computer projects

For Python coding see also the Python with Raspberry Pi tutorial.

I can't guaranty a faultless project, so using the information is at one's own risk.

7 x serial on the BeagleBone

beaglebone heating diagram My solar power station is using three old data logger (SIC 100) with serial interface (3xEIA232). To monitor our family’s power consumption the Teensylogger was created. A second Teensylogger is redundantly monitoring the solar power station (2xEIA232). My old heating controller from Resol (thermal solar power and gas) can be accessed via EIA485. And finally I would like to monitor my ventilation (1xEIA232). So I needed a little server to collect an treat all this data.My old BeagleBone (now black :)) has 4 serial interfaces an is perfect for this job. The code is written in Python. The server is collecting and merging the data from the three sic, the two Teensylogger and the heating. The data is archived. The graphics are created with Gnuplot, archived and mailed to my mail-account. One graphic is uploaded to this internet server. The result may be seen on

Rasipfon: Recycling an old rotary phone

I got a wonderful old phone (Albiswerk Zürich AG, 54S36c) and wanted to recycle this phone. The recycling consisted in converting the rotary phone to a sip phone (VoIP) with a Raspberry Pi. The coding is done in Python. A big help was a similar project from Harald Nesland with cool Python code. raspi buffer board

The Raspi Buffer Board

raspi buffer board Students are killers! After the painful death op three Raspis I decided to design a short circuit resistant buffer board. A little goggling pointed to this page from The mentioned TXS0108E sounded interesting and the design was straightforward. Because of the Raspis multiple GND Pins it was possible to come down to only 20 pins and so freeing some space on the breadboard.

Tips, Tricks and Device Tree

raspi tips and tricks beaglebone tips and tricks beaglebone device tree
The simplest way against my own forgetfulness is to write it down. By setting it on my homepage I have always access. Hopefully it helps other people as well.

Using raspi interfaces with python3 (GPIO, 1-Wire, I2C, Serial)

Tutorial in German

Interactive webserver with raspi (python3)

Tutorial in German